Our Story

Apreco is a story of those who wish to bring a change in the environment, secure a better future for next generations and support the skills of local artisans. We human beings get accustomed to a lifestyle very quickly. Big industries sell us what they want to and we buy what is readily available. Plastic cutlery, straws, combs, plates, toys, pens are bought by every mother and so did I. Life was simple and there were no second thoughts. This was true until one evening my 1.5 year old daughter started chewing a straw which I accidentally left on the bedside. By the time I reached the room, she was already choking. I figured out a piece of plastic straw which was stuck in her throat. She was treated immediately and the piece was removed. But this led me to think and rethink about the plastic environment we are living in. I am trying and will continue to substitute as many plastic products with eco-friendly products as I can. I have promised my daughter a better future and I have promised myself a better environment. Join hands with us and reunite with nature.

Whom do we work with

We are working with local artisans. Apreco's endeavour is to promote not only the rich Indian culture but the art and ethnicity that is at the zenith of extinction. We are helping these artisans to secure a better future for themselves and their children through marketable Handicraft skills. This gives them not only financial stability but a hope for better tomorrow and a sense of pride and belongingness.

"Come make a difference, live guilt free"