For long-term sustainability ask a woman to lay the foundation. Women are the ones who have the power to change the future. Indian woman can build and change the destiny of India. We stand at a platform where change needs to be introduced to a population of 1.2 billion. The change in our daily habits, the change in our shopping behaviour and the change in our lifestyles. “Sasta Hai to badhiya hai” attitude has ruined Indian handicrafts industry. Our cheap attitude has encouraged people to import sub standard goods from other countries. We believe in quantity rather than quality and poor artisans are concerned about designs, outlook and durability. We, commoners, are responsible for poverty and unemployment in India. It’s high time and we must realise how important it is to encourage local artisans, small vendors and small-scale industries. Buy local live global.

All this can be done by small changes in our lifestyle :

1. Buying fruits and vegetables from street vendors rather than dropping into big supermarkets for groceries.

2. Carrying Jute or cotton bags while going shopping.

3. Buying disposables which are biodegradable.

4. Avoiding any kind of food wastage. Feeding the poor or needy in case you have cooked more food than needed or bought in excess.

5. Carrying your own paper or bamboo straw to avoid piling of plastic straws in landfills.

6. Buying glass containers for storing food items and glass bottles for storing milk and water.

7. Outsourcing jobs to other people. Hiring someone to wash dishes rather than buying a dishwasher.

8. Not bargaining with rickshaw drivers, street vendors beyond a reasonable limit.

9. Distributing sweets and fruits in orphanages and old age homes rather than throwing lavish parties to celebrate birthdays or any other occasion.

10. Encouraging family members to keep their surroundings clean and green.

There is so much that we all can do to make India a beautiful and a better nation. Come on let’s reunite with Nature and bring back the lost glory.